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Scope of Services

We immediately tailor our services and implement in-house procedures to include administrative, financial and maintenance operations.

Administrative Procedure

  • HOA Fee/Rent Collections
  • Landlord/Tenant Court Representation
  • Status Reporting
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Transfer all accounts (i.e. utility, vendor, contract services, tax office, etc.)
  • Filing systems Set - up (collect all pertinent files and records)
  • Computer Set-up (create chart of accounts, owner register, income, expense)
  • Delinquent Collection Procedure
  • Meeting with Board
  • Communications Procedure (i.e. newsletter, notices)
  • Liaison with Consultants and Legal Advisor

Financial Services

  • Banking Relations
  • Budget Planning
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Review of Current Financial Status
  • Liaison with CPA and Tax Preparer
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Insurance
  • Investment Strategy


  • Bid/Proposal and Contract Administration
  • Contractor and on-site personnel
  • Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  • Trash Collection Service
  • Prevention Maintenance Program
  • Equipment and Supply Request
  • Contracted Services Monitory Systems
  • Beautification and Renovation
  • Pool Management
  • Parking Lot Cleaning, Repair
  • The Service Call
  • Site Visits

Recommendations for Rentals, Condominiums, Cooperatives, and HOAs

The recommendations may address particular problems and issues that require special attention. Management services in general are detailed under scope of services.

Fees and Collection Action

  1. Monitor Assessment and Rent Collection

Duties of Manager

  1. Enforce terms and payments
  2. Initiate legal action - liaison with collection attorney, L&T Action
  3. Attend court proceedings
  4. Initiate lien filing, garnishments, attachments
  5. Initiate foreclosure proceedings, market unit, etc.

Maintenance and Architectural Improvements

  1. Conduct monthly site visits - covenant violations
  2. Record Violations
  3. Impose Fines
  4. Monitor Responsiveness
  5. Seek bids for recommended improvements

Board of Directors - Manager's role - HOA and Condominiums

Monthly Board meetings

  1. Review management and financial reports
  2. Review delinquent records
  3. Review maintenance plan and projects
  4. Organize directive for general meeting
  5. Prepare and circulate minutes of meetings
  6. Report progress of collection activity
  7. Prepare annual budget
  8. Be Responsive to board and owners